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I Eat Crayons and Poop Rainbows

The Mastiff is to the dog as the Lion is to the cat. 


By now, rumors are spreading that I was challenged to a writing contest and refused. Yes, it's true. Author Sherry Bach did challenge me to a writing challenge and I did decline. 


Why on earth would I decline this invitation to dual by keyboard? It's probably self explanatory, but here goes.


My writing began for myself. It still is for myself, but has branched out to writing for my readers and fans, as well as writing for my family (in order to take care of them). I do not, nor have I ever, claimed to "be a better writer" than anyone else. I would never be that full of myself. I, if anything, readily admit that I am not formally trained nor do I have a huge history of writing experience. If memory serves me correctly, the last English class I took was Eng. 101 about 19 or 20 years ago. I first began writing novels less than two years ago. My work is flawed. Some people do not like my writing. Some love it. It's a part of me now; something I have to do, almost as much as I need to breathe. I have nothing to prove to anyone. So, when another author said "I could write you under the table," of course I declined to "name my contest." Who is to say which of us is the "better writer?" Certainly not me. My time is much better spent working on my own writing (which at the moment includes three novels and one novella). I suppose it all really boils down to this: Sherry Bach can claim to be a better author than me. I find the statement to be irrelevant (and rather arrogant).