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I Eat Crayons and Poop Rainbows

The Mastiff is to the dog as the Lion is to the cat. 

New Starts

Today is a very special day. For more than a month, we have slowly transitioned from a house we rented into our new (purchased!) home. The manufactured home we leased for the past three years was very very small and while it was our home and a place of peace and joy for our family, it's in need of a lot of work. When we moved in, our new landlord (while a really nic elady) wasn;t prepared to paint, or even clean the carpet. Long story short, the carpet was full of cigarette smoke and pet urine. In order to extend the 2 year lease to 3, we asked if we could remove the carpet and replace the floors at our expense. Excited to move in, we ended up ripping out the unhealthy carpet, painting the subfloor, and living on area rugs. Doing the right thing, we replaced those areas inthe past few days with recycled laminate "wood" floors and carpet. Between doing the floors, cleaning, and moving our personal items out we're beat. Midnight last night marked our first day in our new home WITHOUT having the rental to worry about. Our lease id done and so is our work there!


Today we go to a new to us church for the first time.


Today is my first day of no longer being employed by someone else. I am now focusing on my family and writing full time. 


Today we spend as a family, decorating for Christmas, and being lazy. 


Today is a good day!