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I Eat Crayons and Poop Rainbows

The Mastiff is to the dog as the Lion is to the cat. 


There seems to be a social sitgma attached to being an Indie Author. I'm hoping one day that will change.


Myths & Misconceptions

1. An Indie Author writes - and is no good.

2. An Indie Author wasn't good enough to be signed by a traditional publisher. 

3. Indie Authors aren't "real" writers. 

4. Indie Authors make "real" authors look bad.


The Truth

1. Some Indie authors aren't the greatest. Some are magnificent. The truth is, we're individuals and as such our work varies greatly from one author to another.

2. Many Indie Authors were turned down by numerous agents and big publishes many times. So were most traditionally published authors. Some Indie authors simply do not feel a need/do not have a desire to be represented by an agent, or a major publishing house. 

3. Yes, we are real writers.

4. Prove it. 


There are three types of writers. Those who write and never show their art to the world. Those who feel a need to be represented by a publishing house. Then there are Indie Authors - those of us who write, usually because of a fire inside  us that has to burn, and who take charge of showing their art to the world on their own terms. 


Since I'm an Indie Author (as well as an Indie Publisher) I'll speak to that category. I certainly can't speak for every Indie Author, but I will speak as to what I have come to see in the past eighteen months since I published my first book. Yes, most of us write for the money. We're people, just like everyone else, and we need money to live. It's deeper than that, though. Much deeper. We write because there's something inside of us that makes us write. It's almost like the need to eat, sleep, or breathe. The need to write and tell stories can consume our waking thoughts and intrude upon our dreams. The income is secondary to that internal need to create new worlds. Indies like to have control over their work. We like it to remain truly ours. We can control content, editing, covers...and keep prices down. We have the final say. No one else. We are not limited in what, or how, we write. 


It seems that traditionally pubished authors tend to look down their nose at those of us who chose to stay independent. As does some of mainstream society. Many of us could be traditionally published - if we wanted to. Many of us simply chose not to. It's a beautiful choice.