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I Eat Crayons and Poop Rainbows

The Mastiff is to the dog as the Lion is to the cat. 


Anther shout out to an amazing woman for your help while I've been writing this book. Your insight into the genre, and your opinions/suggestions on the first few chapters has helped more than you can know. You are a sweetheart. Thank you. (and I'll have an ARC copy for you soon...well...an AC anyway since you don't have to R if you don't want to ha ha).  And please know that your namesake in the book is a MILF. Well, not really 'I' so a Mthey'dLF but in general a MILF uhm in the view of ficitcious hunks/hunkettes. I'll make that a bit more clear as I revise. ;-)


Hold your head high and proud. You're a special person.